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Fuji MoreZ Scissors Japan creates some of the highest quality Japanese Scissors available. The top quality hairdressing scissors are developed and produced in Japan. They have been a benchmark in quality.

Fuji Scissors Summary

  • Made from Japanese Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 15 years of sharpening and polishing services
  • Convex Edge Blades
  • Price range between $500 and $2500
  • Sizes: Sizes: 5" - 5.5", 6" 6, 6.5", and 7.
  • Models: X Series - GGF - MF GF Lang, VF SF DXGF, DXVF - NL DXF XG XA, X

If you ask anyone "What are the best Japanese hairdressing tools?" they will all recommend Fuji More Z. A group of Japanese traditional sword makers with more than 600 years of expertise created the world's best premium hand-made hairdressing tools.

They fit comfortably like any other pair. They require little maintenance and last for a long time. Fuji offers a lifetime warranty and offers 15 years of free sharpening. The benefits will eventually make the investment worthwhile.

Fuji Models

Fuji MoreZ has a large selection of models. Fuji is a huge lover of Convex Edge Blades, which are paired with Superior Cobalt Steal (lasts for an entire life time), smooth ball bearing friction, which gives the smoothest cut motion and offset ergonomics that reduce the pressure on your thumb and reduce fatigue when cutting to give you the most enjoyable experience.

Let's break down the various versions of Fuji Scissors.

Fuji More Z GGF

  • Price between $1000 and 1800 Per GGF Pair
  • Sizes include 6,6.5, 7, and 7.5", 6,6.5", 7,7" and 7.5"
  • Types cutting
  • Steel - Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review. "Fuji More Z. The most popular Japanese hairdressing cutter brand in Canada" Barbers are in love with GGF's Long Blade. They offer an extended blade that is available in 7.5" or 7". Professional offset ergonomics are created to reduce the fatigue of professional hair cutting. These are unique in that they provide a degree of self-sharpening that is uncommon for scissors. Each movement produces a small, unnoticeable rubbed that will sharpen. They also have a very sharp convex edge blade. The 5/5 stars awarded to barbers result from their professional ergonomics, long-lasting quality, and sharp cuts that rarely require sharpening.
  • Where to Buy: Top-Priced FujiGGF Scissors

Fuji More Z GF

  • Price Between $1000 to 1800 per Gf Couple
  • Sizes are 5.5", 6",6.5",7" and 7.5".
  • Types - Cutting
  • steel Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review - "Fuji More Z is the best Japanese hairdressing brand in Canada." The GF hairdressing scissors are the younger sibling of the GGF. The Fuji shears feature a convex edge blade that is razor-sharp. They also offer more sizes. The GF 6" shears were only available to us for a brief period of time, but we felt fantastic and they looked stunning. The staff assured us that this pair of Fuji shears is one of the strongest on the market. These are an excellent pair that will last for many years, and we rate them 4.5/5 stars
  • Where To Purchase: Top Priced Fuji GF Scissors

Fuji More Z VF

  • Prices from $1000 to 1600 per pair
  • Sizes are 5.5" & 6"
  • Types Cutting
  • Steel: Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review "Fuji More Z is the best Japanese hairdressing company that is available in Canada." Semi-offset Crane Handle Shears, the VF Fuji Scissors. They are designed ergonomically for professional barbers and hairdressers. The crane handle fits comfortably in the hand, and it releases pressure from your thumb. This helps reduce fatigue. They were light and comfortable in the hands. We didn't feel fatigued after a few cuts. The premium Cobalt Alloy Steel makes these extremely robust and resistant to general corrosion and wear. These ergonomic scissors are rated 4/5 stars by us as the best in Canada.
  • Where to Buy: Top Priced Fuji-VF Scissors

Fuji More Z SF Lefty

  • Price: Between $1000 to 1600 Per SF Pair
  • Sizes 5" to 5.5" 6", and 6.5".
  • Types - Cutting
  • Steel: Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review "Fuji More Z. is the top Japanese hairdressing brand in Canada. The SF Left Handed Fuji Shears are the flagship lefty shears from this premium hairdressing scissor manufacturer. They are the ideal ergonomically designed for hairdressers who are seeking top quality Japanese scissors. They are robust Japanese Steel, Sharp Convex Edges for the sharpest cuts and Fuji Tension Adjustor for the most precise cutting motions. Five stars from Fuji are the finest Left Handed Japanese Hairdressing Shaves.
  • Where To Buy: Best Priced Fuji SF Left Handed Scissors

Fuji More Z DXGF

  • Price Between $8000 to $1300 per DXGF Partner
  • Sizes - 7" and 7.5"
  • Types - Cutting
  • Steel Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review. "Fuji More Z. The best Japanese hairdressing cutter manufacturer in Canada. DXGF Fuji shears are exceptional for their extended length. They are constructed from top-quality light steel. They feel just like the 5.5 inches hairdressing shear. These are the most durable barber shears that are chemical and corrosion-resistant, according to Fuji staff. The shears are razor-sharp with convex edges for cutting and smooth motions. We give these 4/5 Stars and recommend these for barbers looking for high quality resilient shears that last for a very long time with minimal maintenance."
  • Where to Purchase: Best Priced Fuji DXGF Scissors

Fuji More Z MF

  • Price: Between $8000 to 1300 Per MF Pair
  • Sizes are 5, 5.5", 6", and 6.5".
  • Types - Cutting
  • Steel Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review "Fuji More Z. is the best Japanese hairdressing scissors brand. The MF Fuji Shears are a top-rated all-rounder hairdressing tool in Canada. They are popular for their sharp convex edges blades, offset ergonomics, and smooth cutting motions with the Fuji Tension Adjustor Screws, superior resistance to chemical and corrosion and also high resistance. They are priced lower than most Fuji Shears, so should you be seeking a basic pair of Fuji scissors in Canada to cut hair, take a look at the MF series. We rate these 4.5/5 stars because of their lower price and overall high-quality and various sizes for salons, hairdressers and barbers across Canada."
  • Where to Purchase: Best Priced Fuji MF Scissors