Jaguar Scissors

Jaguar is a worldwide famous hairdressing scissor brand that produces hair cutting and thinning shears from German Chromium steel.

High-quality haircutting scissor and thinning shear models including:

  • Pre Style Relax
  • Pre Style Ergo
  • Jay2 (Jay 2)
  • White Line Satin
  • Pastell Scissors
  • Left Handed Jaguar Scissors
  • Much more!

Each pair of Jaguar scissors is made in Solingen, Germany and delivered to Canadian hairdressers and barbers for the best professional haircutting and thinning experience.

Jaguar has over 80 years of experience with producing all types of hairdressing scissors that are stocked in Canadian salons and barbershops across the country.

Find out why so many Canadian hairdressers and barbers are using Jaguar scissors from Germany!

Jaguar Products

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