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Joewell Cobalt Hair Cutting Scissor

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  • Features

STEEL Japanese Premium Cobalt Alloy Steel
SIZE 4.5", 5", 5.5" and 6" Inches
BLADE Joewell Standard Blade
FINISH Satin Finish
MODEL Joewell Cobalt 4500, 5000, 5500 and 6000
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest

  • Description

When you are looking to make an excellent cut, look no further than the Joewell Silver Cobalt hair cutting scissor. The razor-sharp blades give your wood a lovely smooth finish without pulling or tearing it apart like other razors can do!

It?™s perfect if modern styles like blunt cuts because of its balanced feel and elegant design that matches any occasion?“whether at home on date night with wifey or out doing business networking while wearing casual clothes.

Joewell Silver Cobalt Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Price: $598 CAD
  • Sizes: 4.5?? 5?? 5.5?? and 6??/li>
  • Types: Cutting
  • Scissor Handle: Straight/Classic Ergonomics
  • Steel: Cobalt Base Alloy CBA-1
  • Blade: The Standard JOEWELL Blade
  • Screw: Precision Flat Screw
  • Extras: Removable Finger Rest & Ideal for Point, Slide & Dry Cutting
  • Rating: ?…★?…★
  • Review: The handmade Japanese cobalt scissors are a high-quality professional tool. These lightweight and smooth action tools from Joewell will cut your next session without fail, due in part to its superior material construction that is unmatched among other brands on the market today! With such an elegant design with light weight feel you can?™t go wrong when using these beauties for yourself or as gift idea for any barber shop owner looking forward too expanding their business

The Cobalt has been a mainstay of the Joewell range since its debut in 1977. This craftsmanship is thanks to cobalt base alloy CBA1, which offers 2 times more durability and greater lifespan than other metals used on scissors designs today such as steel or silver.

It also features standard blade material made from precision flat screw construction paired with removable finger rest for comfort when holding onto these lightweight tools while working long hours at your desk (or wherever)!

The reduced nickel content means there?™s none left over here meaning you can avoid metal allergies altogether! Whether doing dry cuts only-but they?™ll still work great if blunt strokes too?“or something wider like stroke/slide cutting techniques: we?™ve got every type covered for Canadian hairdressing professionals.

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