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Ichiro is one of the best hair scissor brands that makes their hair cutting and thinning shears from Japanese steel.

High-quality hairdressing scissor sets and kits from Ichiro are available for Canadian hairdressers and barbers online.

Each pair of Ichiro hair scissors include a lifetime warranty for manufacturer’s defects.

Every scissor set and kit from Ichiro includes a styling and texturizing razor, scissor case and scissor maintenance kit.

The Ichiro Scissor brand is famous in Canada for their great value Japanese steel hair cutting scissors, and thinning/texturizing shears professional environments like salons, barbershops and hairdresser stores.

Find out why so many Canadian hairstylists are choosing Ichiro for their salon or barbershop collections!

The Ichiro Seiki haircutting scissor brand is a favourite among the people of Canada. This is due to its high-quality convex-edge cutting blades, easy ergonomics (440C and VG10), and affordable prices.

The Ichiro Brand has become popular due to its ability to bring high-end scissors to Canada, and cutting out the "middle-man" which allows them to offer better discounts to hairdressers and barbers in Oceania.

Ichiro Scissors Review: Brand Summary Review

  • Top-quality materials
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle designs
  • Sharp convex-edge blades
  • Prices under $500
  • The most popular models: Rose Gold and K10, Matte black, Offset, and many more!

Ichiro Scissors Review

If you're looking for the latest hairdressing scissor manufacturer within Canada or New Zealand, check out Ichiro Scissors. You'll be amazed by the quality and range of Ichiro Scissors as well as their professional cutting experience.

Ichiro hair cutting is among the most well-known professional hairdressing scissor brands in Canada & New Zealand!

Ichiro revolutionizes the hair industry with elegant, high-end scissors that are affordable.

Ichiro Scissor Models Reviews

Ichiro is focused on convex-edged style blades, thin and texturizing shears that have v shaped teeth or both.

Most Ichiro models have an ergonomic handle that is offset. This gives barbers and hairdressers a more comfortable grip when cutting hair.

The scissors themselves are lightweight and feature an easy opening and closing motion, which makes them stand out on top of the rest.

Let's breakdown the different versions of Ichiro Scissors:

Ichiro Offset Handle Scissors

  • Price Between $250 and $500
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types
  • Steel, 440C Cut Steel
  • Rating
  • Review "The first time you buy a pair off Ichiro hair cutting shears, you'll be able to feel the quality. For the price, it is much better than what you anticipated. The ball bearing tension helps the shears stand out. It also creates a smooth opening/closing movement while cutting hair. As expected from convex-edge blades Ichiro Offset is a good choice. Ichiro Offset performs well for point cutting, blunt cutting over comb, and slice cutting. A comfortable grip and an overall enjoyable experience! Ichiro Offset is a comfortable and enjoyable experience! Ichiro Offset is a great value for money hair shear.
  • Where To Buy Canada: Ichiro Offset Hair Scissor
  • Where To Buy USA: Ichiro Offset Hair Scissor

Ichiro Rose Gold Handle Scissors

  • Price Between $250 and $450
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types
  • Steel 440C Cutting Steel
  • Rating:
  • Review - "The Ichiro rose gold is specifically designed to resemble the Offset model. Rose Gold colour coating looks amazing and makes them feel desirable. You'll feel secure cutting your hair thanks to the offset handle and light design. Sharp edges with convex sides cut through hair. It's a fantastic tool for hairdressing or barbering. We didn't know what we were getting into however, the Ichiro Rose gold was a delight to work with and made this scissor review enjoyable. The Ichiro Rose Gold scissors are a favorite, and they are certainly great value in Canada!
  • Where can I Buy Canada Ichiro rose gold hair shear
  • Where Can I Get USA Ichiro Rose Gold Head Shear

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