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Feather is a famous hairdresser and barber brand that produces professional styling and texturizing razors, and also shaving razors for barbers.

Each Feather razor is uniquely made in Japan for personal and professional barbershops and salons.

The best razors and blades available in Canada are made by Feather Japan.

With over 100 years of experience, Feather has the best professional designs for all their shaving and razor tools.

Each replacement blade for their razors use high-quality Japanese steel to produce sharp edges for multiple uses. Feather blades end up being cheaper due to the edges holding its sharpness for longer than their cheaper counterparts.

Find out why hairdressers and barbers always use Feather Razors Blades in Canada!

Feather Japan!

Feather is Canada’s top supplier of high-quality shaver and styling blades. Feather razors are manufactured in Japan and are very sharp. They can be used for professional shaving or styling in barbershops and salons.

If you ask any barber or hairdresser in Canada and they'll suggest Feather as the top and most trustworthy razors!

Feather Razor Blades can be used in the majority of shaving razors as well as texturizing/styling razors in Canada.

Feather Razor Summary Review

  • Made with Japanese steel
  • Professional Feather Shaving Rifles
  • Texturizing razors and high-end styling tools.
  • Ultra-sharp Feather blades that last for longer
  • Made in Japan

The reason why Feather Razors are The Most Effective

Feather razors products are made in Japan. Japanese blade professionals make the most enjoyable shaving experience.

Feather razor blades are a common sight in hairdressers and barbershops. They are among the most durable and reliable cutting and styling tools available in Canada.

A lot of people choose cheaper razors. But, Feather Razors blades are usually the best value since they last longer, so you get more use.

Feather razor products are used by hairdressers and barbers to provide their customers with a professional experience.

Feather razors are considered as the best blades for shaving. Feather has a large fan base of those who believe they're the top. ... Made from Platinum Coated Stainless Steel. The Double Edge Razor Blades are made From Platinum Coated Hi Stainless Steel.

How Many Shaves Do You get from a Feather Blade? How long will blades of a feather last?

It is possible to expect three shaves for each Feather Razor Blade. After three shaves, the Feather Razor Blades lose its sharpness and dullen the edges.

A lesser-quality razor will give you only one or two shaves. Feather Razor Blades offer superior quality and sharpness. It is possible three shaves from each blade.

It could vary based on how dense your hair is, and the degree of coarseness (thickness). The more quickly your blades turn dull or sharp, the thicker hair you have.

Feather blades are more durable most other blades, so if you have softer and less facial hair, you could get up to five or seven shaves. Feather Blades last as long as they are sharp.

Why do Feather Razors expensive?

Feather Razor blades cost more than the less expensive ones manufactured in China, India, or Pakistan due to their premium quality and extreme-sharpness.

Japan is a world-class country that can produce top-quality items. Feather Razors are more professional than the rest.

Feather Razors are more expensive due to the fact that they are manufactured in Japan with premium steel and have higher quality assurance procedures.

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Feather Japan!