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Joewell Supreme Sword Hair Scissor

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  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Ergonomic handle
STEEL Cobalt Base Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.25" and 5.75" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Barber Powerful Cutting
BLADE Sword Blade
FINISH Powder Finish
MODEL Joewell Supreme Sword SCS-5250F SCS-5750F
EXTRAS Permanent Finger Rest + Titanium Coated Handle + Diamond-like coating for anti-scratch protection on the screw cover
  • Description

The Joewell Supreme series latest model features a sword blade for easy haircutting. The Sword blade is a unique Convex Shape Blade that focuses on delivering power to the point and tip of the blade edge.

The sword blade favours power, but don’t let that fool you. The sharp Japanese convex edge on the Surpreme Sword blade effortlessly cuts through hair. The power behind the sword means that you put less energy into each haircutting motion.

The advanced dry bearing system on this pair allows for a light and smooth open/close motion, and are also maintenance free allowing you to keep cutting hair without the tightness loosening between each cut.

Joewell Supreme Sword Series Classic Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Price: $775 CAD
  • Sizes: 5.25” and 5.75”
  • Types: Cutting
  • Scissor Handle: Classic Straight Handle Ergonomics
  • Steel: Japanese Cobalt Alloy Steel
  • Blade: Convex Edge Sword Blade
  • Screw: Dry Bearing Screw System
  • Extras: Removable Finger Rest, Powder Finish, and Lightweight Design
  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Review: The Surpreme Sword series is extremely popular in the USA and Canada for the powerful haircutting blade, lightweight ergonomic design, and advanced tension system that ensures each open/close motion is as smooth as can be. Picking these up, you will immediately notice the light weight, but the moment you close the blade, you will see it cut through hair with little to no effort. The premium Japanese Cobalt steel is one of the highest quality materials available - this gives you a longer life and also holds blade sharpness for longer. You’ll find a pair of Supreme sword in the best barbershops and salons from Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal!

Joewell SCS swords are the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship. These high-end scissors have a patented design that is both ergonomic, as well as hard coated to provide durability for everyday use or when cutting through all types of hair!

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