The Top 10 Best Hairdressing Scissor Brands - Canada

by Jun Oh April 03, 2023 8 min read

The Top 10 Best Hairdressing Scissor Brands - Canada

Each year, Scissor brand names appear and disappear. Professionals find it difficult to choose the right brand. How do professionals handle this dilemma?

Following several requests from professionals in the global community, we have compiled a list naming the top hairstyling brands for barbers.

But the brand's design is what matters most.

Every brand is capable of delivering the best for every barber, hairdresser, and home-hairdresser. This is why we created this list.

This quick summary of the most popular hair scissors brands is intended for hair professionals

Looking for quick answers to your questions about the best-respected scissor manufacturers? We created this list to serve the needs professional hairdressers and home stylists.

The following is a list of the top hairdressing scissors brands in Canada.

We'd love to hear from you if we've missed a great haircutting scissor. We are always looking for the best brands for professionals.

Barbers and hairdressers are satisfied with their professional scissor brand.

A brand that produces high-quality, low-cost, or premium-grade scissors is the best. It doesn't really matter if they satisfy their customers.

No matter where you are located in the USA, New Zealand or Asia, we have the best hairdressing brands available with free shipping.

The Best Professional Hairdressing Scissor Brands Canada



Let's find out more about each brand and learn their history. We will also explore their popularity worldwide.

Let's now jump straight to the list with the best hairdressing scissors brands.

1. Jaguar Solingen Scissors, the most trusted brand that has a large collection.



Jaguar Solingen, the oldest and most well-respected hairdresser scissorsor brand in Germany, is Jaguar Solingen. Their official website.

Jaguar Solingen Scissors was founded in 1926 and has been providing services to hairdressers and barbers since then. You can also choose from a variety hair scissors that are different in price, style, and function. TCC's electric hairstylist is the TCCThe Haircut.

Jaguar is one of the most intuitive hairspray brands. The company pushes the boundaries in efficiency and design.

Here you can view the complete Jaguar Scissor Collection.

2. Juntetsu Professional Hair Scissors are the best value.



Juntetsu makes simple, yet powerful scissor designs. These models are affordable, too.

Similar to Yasaka's, the company is focused on crafting professional hair scissors that can be used by both barbers as well as hairdressers.

The Night Series and Rose Gold are the most popular Juntetsu model. All of these hairdressing scissors feature the finest-quality steel, ergonomic offset ergonomics, and sharp convex-edged knives.

Juntetsu Scissors have a reputation for their razor-sharp slicing knives. They also continue to develop new models in order to compete with other great brands like Joewell, Yasaka, and so forth.

The Juntetsu Scissors collection can be viewed here.

3. Yasaka, a Japanese brand very well-known, is



Yasaka Seiki, one of Japan's oldest and most respected hairstylist brands, is a Japanese brand. Visit their website to learn more. All scissors come from Nara, Japan's factory.

Yasaka Seiki manufactures Japanese scissors that are of the highest quality and suitable for professionals barbers and hairdressers all over the world. Yasaka uses cobalt and alloy steel to make their hair scissors. These scissors have a sharper blade which delivers great results when cutting hair.

Yasaka Scissors' simple design is a great example of high-quality craftsmanship. Yasaka Scissors can be found in Canada, Canada and New Zealand.

The complete collection of Yasaka scissors is available here.

4. Ichiro is a great value for professional-grade scissors


Another top-quality hairdressing brand is Ichiro. Ichiro scissors also have simple designs and great prices. High-quality steel is used by the company for its scissors.

You will have a pleasant experience with your haircut. Ichiro Scissor is well-known for its wide range of scissors sets, especially the Rose Gold model. Rose Gold is a popular choice for 2020 and 2021.

Ichiro stands for quality manufacturing and simple designs. Their goal is to deliver the best results possible for barbers and hairdressers all over the globe.

You can view the various models of Ichiro Scissors right here.

5. Powerful and unique professional scissor designs - Kamisori



Another popular brand is the Scissor Brand that produces powerful haircutting and hairdressing tools for professionals.

Kamisori Barber Swords are a hallmark of the company. The company still makes unique scissor designs out of high-quality steel. These scissors sell faster that they are made.

Kamisori, unlike Joewell and Yasaka is more concerned with colorful designs. Every model also has a unique design, which changes with the seasons.

Browse the whole collection of , you can get a glimpse into the range of Mina Swordsors.

7. Joewell: Best Japanese scissors to create custom designs



This is a strong brand in the hair scissors industry. Because of its innovative designs, it continues to be a leader in the hair scissor industry. For more information about Joewell Canada, please visit their website. Joewell Scissors' intuitive Japanese engineering has earned them a reputation.

Rubber coating is used on the handles and screws. The unique blades of this scissor are not included. Joewell offers a unique model to each pair.

Joewell is recognized as one of Japan's top hairstylist brands. Joewell scissors are a result of decades of experience.

Check out the stunning collection of Joewell Scissors,.

8. Best Japanese basic and razor scissors - Feather



A well-known Japanese brand that makes high-end styling razors and shaving razors for professionals. Even though they are best known for their Feather Razor Blades and hairdressing tools, they also make scissors. Their official site has more information.

Feather is well-known for its razors. Feather produces hair scissors that are extremely popular.

View the Feather Razor Canada Collection here.

What Are the Top Hairdressing Scissor Manufacturers for Hairdressers & Barbers.



We are glad that you have made it this far in your search for the best hairdressing razor brands.

It all depends on what you need. An apprentice or student might choose Mina scissors. Expert hairdressers prefer Joewell and Juntetsu.

Every year, new models of scissors are introduced by new brands. Mina Umi is currently the most-sold model. Because more people are choosing to do their own hair, it is a better option. You can also learn how to do a haircut as an apprentice.

In the future, you can expect to see more reliable and exciting scissor brands. It's difficult to compete with existing brands.

A new company has difficulty establishing itself as a leading scissor manufacturer. So we test new models. These manufacturers produce great scissors.

As we add new brands to the list, keep checking this page. So you can pick the best hairdressing scissor.

Many people ask us "What are the best hairdressing brands in Canada?" We understand that it can be challenging to find a reliable pair.

Good brands include hairdressing scissors that can be used for cutting or thinning. These scissors are made in Germany, Japan. Here are some of the brands.

  • Jaguar professional Germany
  • Yasaka Seiki Japanese scissors
  • Juntetsu scissors for haircutting
  • Kamisori Scissors

The following factors make these hairdresser brands the best in Canada for professional hairdressing:

  • Blade types
  • Ergonomics
  • Points of Price
  • High-quality steel
  • Number of years a manufacturer has been in business
  • Hairdressers and barbers have left reviews

You will find good hair scissors in your local store. They may not be good enough.

They may have a dull blade or low-quality, ergonomic steel. Experts should avoid it.

But, if you look for Yasaka or Kamisori, you will see that they are fantastic scissor brand. Here are the reasons why.

  • For fatigue reduction, offset ergonomics can be used
  • Blades with a sharp convex or bevel edge
  • Good quality steel

There are many other factors that are important, but the most important is "Will they cut my hair?"

Do you want to find the best hairdressing razor brand? These are the top-rated hairdressing scissors brands that hairdressers use all over the globe.

Conclusion: The Top Hairdressing Scissor Manufacturers

This is a brief overview and description of the different professional hairdressing-scissor brands. This table shows the prices and quality for each brand of scissor used by barbers as well as their respective brands.

Scissor Brand Prices Quality
Jaguar Solingen $149-1499 German Quality Scissors
Juntetsu Scissors $299-799 Professional Quality Scissors
Kamisori Shears $299-1199 Professional Quality Scissors
Ichiro Scissors $199-599 Superior Quality Scissors
Yasaka Scissors $349-899 Great Quality Scissors
Mina Scissors $99-199 Great Quality Scissors
Joewell Scissors $599-999 Amazing Quality Scissors

There are many new brands on the current hairdressing market. These new brands are also more common every month.

So how can you find a reliable hairdressing scissors brand? You won't have a bad experience.

Reviews and feedback can help you a lot. With ease, you can find a great hair scissors. Make sure the product suits your needs.

The majority of hairdressing brands that use scissors are manufactured in Japan or China.

Sometimes, scissor brands made in China are not necessarily bad. This is because they use premium Japanese steel to make their hair-cutting products.

This allows these brands to offer the best hair scissors at an affordable rate.

These Japanese hairdressing brands have a higher cost because they are expensive.

You only spent $150 manufacturing the $2000 pair Japanese hair scissors you purchased. You will be charged more for the following reasons.

  • Expensive labor
  • Overheads of companies
  • Company profit
  • Canadan and Japanese taxes
  • Further, a profit margin of 30 to 50% can be added by an Canadan company
  • Import and shipping charges

As such, these $150 pairs of hair scissors are now available in Canada for about $2000.

This is how the real picture looks, and it's not possible to change it. Other manufacturers, however, are purchasing the same Hitachi Steel from Japan and having them produced in China to reduce overheads.

But this is not always possible. This means that you may find low-quality Chinese hairstylists. This is because of the poor quality steel materials.

This is the list of top hairdressing brands. Make sure they have a good reputation and meet your requirements.

So that's it. We have listed the top hairdressing scissors brands for every hairdresser.

  1. Yasaka Scissors: Best Scissor Brand in Canada
  2. Juntetsu scissors – Amazing quality and unique styles
  3. Joewell Scissors is a Japanese brand of premium hairdressing tools.
  4. Jaguar Solingen Scissors-High-quality Products at Affordable Prices

Canada's hairdressing business is growing fast! The demand for unique and new hair styling services is increasing. This has led to a greater demand from hairdressing professionals who are searching for the best scissors.


It was hard for me to find the best hairdressing scissors because I had been using the one my manager gave me for quite some time. Japan Scissors was able to help me. They listened and understood my style and needs. They recommended Juntetsu which cut great. Samantha Owens - Brisbane Hair

Jaguar, a popular brand, has been around for many years. There are also newer Japanese brands that Canadans are choosing to use as standard for high-quality hairdressing tools. But where should you start when searching for the right brand?

It all depends upon the type of scissors you are looking. You can find Jaguar Jay 2 and Mina Swords at $100 if you are looking to casually or professionally hairdress. Juntetsu Scissors is the best Japanese-steel scissors. Mizutani scissors is a high-end Japanese stainless steel scissors.

Here's a breakdown of the most popular hairdressing scissor manufacturers and their estimated worth:

Scissor Hub makes it easy to find the perfect pair of hairdressing shears for you in Canada. By understanding your budget and hair style needs, you can find the best brands to give you shears that last for many years.

The best hairdressing brands in Canada are, as a summary, great for barbers and hairdressers.

This article was written and referenced from the most reliable sources:

Jun Oh
Jun Oh

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