Texturizing Scissors How To Guide | Using Texturizing Shears on Hair

by Jun Oh April 03, 2023 3 min read

Texturizing Scissors How To Guide | Using Texturizing Shears on Hair

Every hairstylist needs to have texturizing scissors. This is because these scissors will allow you to solve many problems you might encounter when hairstyling.

It is therefore possible to see the texturizing scissors used by the top hairstylists around the world.

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This article will provide all the information you need about texturizing shears to help with hairdressing.

For what purpose do hairdressers use texturizing scissors?

Different types of texturizing shears for sale in Canada

Texturizing shears are used by hairstylists to increase hair volume. These scissors can deliver flawless results when you want to add layers to your hair.

You can easily add volume to your hair by adding layers.

You can even use the texturizing scissors for the Bob Haircut, which is one of the most sought-after hairstyles.

Texturizing scissors are a great tool for delivering a Bob Haircut. These shears will allow you to get precise results.

How do you use the texturizing shears?

Person with thick hair that needs to use texturizing scissors

Texturizing shears can also be used in many other ways. Let’s look at the most popular. Once you have understood these applications, it will be easy to purchase the best texturizing scissors on the market.

Texturizing shears can be used to finish the haircut. Both men and women with short hair will benefit from the texturizing shears.

Although you might need to spend some time using the texturizing scissors to achieve the layers, the results you get at the end are well worth it.

If you are working with a client who wants to do more texture or overgraduation, it is best to use the texturizing scissors you already have.

There are many types of professional texturizing scissors

These shears can help you give a subtle graduation to the modern Bob cut. You will also be giving the haircut some shape and lift.

You will end up with hair that is over-textured and thin, which suits all your preferences.

Texturizing scissors and a comb with wide teeth are the best tools to achieve the best results.

You can then trim the hair from the inside by about one-inch. You won’t cause any damage to the Bob haircut line by cutting the low. You can still enhance it.

What you should know about texturizing your scissors

Texturizing shears are something that every hairdresser should be aware of.

These shears can be difficult to use. These are the top factors to remember when using texturizing Shears.

Use the texturizing shears correctly

Texturizing shears should be held correctly.

This is because the result you deliver to clients will depend on how you hold the texturizing scissors.

It is better to buy texturizing scissors which allow you to cut with both the blade and the handle.

This will allow you to position your hand and body in a more comfortable and ergonomic way to cut hair.

Don’t cross the line of Bob

A picture showing how to hold your texturizing scissors

Texturizing scissors can be a great option for those with short hair. Texturizing shears are a great option for people with short hair.

You must ensure that your texturizing shears are held correctly so as to not damage the bob’s line.

Even after using the texturizing, you will want to ensure that your line is straight. You should hold your texturizing shears so that the tip points downwards.

You will then be able keep the tooth side on the texturizing scissors against your skin. You will allow the texturizing scissors to grasp hair while you hold them in this position. You will get perfect results when you cut the Bob.

Don’t make frizz!

You should continue to use texturizing tools, but you must also ensure that there is no frizz. You must ensure that there is no frizz in your work.

You should think of the texturizing scissors as soft shears. Texturizing scissors allow you to see exactly where you’ll be cutting your hair.

This will result in less damage to the hair’s cuticles. You will also be able to trim your hair slowly and purposefully to avoid any frizz when the hair grows out.

Last words

You now have a solid understanding of how to use texturizing tools and can deliver perfectly layered hair to clients.

You should have a solid understanding of how to properly use texturizing shears. This will allow you to continue achieving the amazing results these shears can provide.

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