Should You Cut Hair With Regular or Normal Scissors?

by Jun Oh April 03, 2023 4 min read

Should You Cut Hair With Regular or Normal Scissors?

After 2020, numerous Canadians are probing for “how to cut my hair with normal scissors,” but should you be cautious with cutting your hair with regular scissors?

Just like most supplies in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, scissors sold out faster than people expected. This left most people in Canada to try home-haircutting with craft, fabric or kitchen scissors.

Cutting your hair with regular scissors is enticing, but will it harm your hair and then cost your more to fix at the hairdressers? What is the outcome when you cut your hair with regular scissors?

Cutting your hair using standard scissors is not recommended because it has rough serrated blade not meant to cut hair. This is due to the scissors used for, like cutting cardboard, fabric or other materials.

Regular house scissors used to cut neatly through paper may not be the same as the scissors used to cut hair effortlessly. Using ordinary scissors to cut hair may result in tugging, pulling, damaging and having a split end to your hair.

Your hair will be pulled and smashed with a crooked off cutting style. Is it a matter of concern of which scissors I use to cut my hair with? It indeed does matter if you want a haircut you can be pleased.

Cutting hair with regular scissors

A picture of the different types of hairdressing scissors

Hairdressing tools are meant for hair cutting. It consists of an edge of a fine, thin and sharp blade that superficially cut through hair. Tremendous edges are what makes hairdressing and barber to segment the faultless hair cutting tool. Regular scissors damages and pulls hair because they are designed for brute strength to cut through hard objects. Haircutting scissors are made with a well-designed sharp blade to slice through hair effectively.

What are normal scissors?

Normal scissors are cutting tools designed for cutting papers, cardboard and fabric materials. You cannot use them to cut hairs because they will cause permanent damage to your hair ends. Normal scissors include:

  • Kitchen scissors which are meant for cutting and sewing.
  • Fabric scissors: these are meant slicing and tearing.
  • Nail or eyebrow scissors: they are used for cutting smaller hair strands.

Day to day ordinary scissors is commonly made with a thicker blade used to tug, pull and tear. If these ordinary scissors are used to cut hair, then damaged and split hair end is expected.

It always takes 2 to 4 hair washes for the damage to be noticed. This will require a visit to a barber or a hairdresser to fix the damage.

What is the difference between hair scissors and regular scissors?

Cutting your hair using regular scissors is possible, but you can regret later. The steel and the blade are the main distinctions between the regular and hair scissors. Regular scissors are made of steel that is rough thus not friendly to a person’s hair.

Simultaneously, hair scissors are made of steel that is harder and holds a sharper blade. In regular scissors, the blade used tears and pulls while cutting. While on hair scissors, the blade used is ultra-sharp and allows you to slice through your hair smoothly without any harm.

Regular scissors can be used because they are sharp, yet most of them are not. Trimming your hair using regular scissors may not be successful because instead of trimming, it twists the hair and it may consume a lot of time depending on how much hair you are trimming because of its dullness.

An affordable expert pair of hair scissors may be proposed from mina or jaguar as pricing is elastic. It is acceptable, notwithstanding any distress spending a little extra for a pair of scissors that won’t damage your hair. Trimming hair with extremely sharp scissors is healthier, but you need to be vigilant because they are sharp as razors.

Is it acceptable to cut your hair with regular or normal scissors?

What happens if you use regular scissors to cut your hair? Of course, every one of us has once used a pair of regular scissors to cut a fringe of hair cut straight across the forehead.

Among few differences between regular scissors and hairdressing scissors is that the blade on hair dressing scissors is sharp for slice cutting and the blade on regular scissors blunt for brute force cutting.

So what is expected if you cut your hair with regular scissors?

Regular scissors damage your hair by bending and pulling each strand. A lot of split ends is a collective sign that someone used regular scissors to cut their hair. Normal scissors cut your hair horribly like using two rocks to cut through hair due to its blunt brute force.

Fine thin blades are placed on hairdressing and barber scissors hence used for slicing through the hair.

These blades cause the professional hairdressing scissors to slice through each strand of hair without leaving a trace. More oversized handles present in the regular scissors naturally permit for a stronger hold. On the other hand, hairdressing scissors consist of the smaller and more stylish handle due to their lighter grip. Irregular balance and a split end on your hair result from using regular scissors to cut it.

What step do you take if you happen to cut your hair with regular scissors?

A professional hairdresser or barber will advise you to cut it short. Permanent damage can be caused by irregular scissors if used to cut hair. Therefore the only preference is to cut your hair short. Irregular balance split ends, and all types of irregular scissors cause unreversed damage to your hair.

Whether it is eyebrow scissors, kitchen shears, fabric scissors, nail clippers or merely dull scissors.

Tugging and pulling is the most common loss to hair from regular blunt scissors. It causes a lot of harm to your hair and leaves it afar from repair. Cutting your hair with regular scissors is the same as using a kitchen butter knife to cut your hair.

In conclusion, we strongly discourage using regular scissors at home to cut your hair, including fabric, blunt, kitchen, or eyebrow scissors. Right scissors are recommended, which is a professional hair cutting scissors. This will save you from having split ends and damaged hair beyond repair. Using the right scissors will also save you time and money.

Jun Oh
Jun Oh

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