The Best Scissors For Home Haircutting: Canadian Guide

by Jun Oh April 03, 2023 9 min read

The Best Scissors For Home Haircutting: Canadian Guide

It appears that hairdressing scissors intended for use at home are becoming quite popular after 2020. With the rise in demand, different kinds of fake and cheap options are available online. So, how do you find the best home haircutting scissors?

Keep in mind that a reliable haircutting scissor will have the following features.

  • Safe for your hair and doesn’t damage them
  • Remains sharper for an easy trim or cut
  • Last for several years
  • Comes at an affordable price tag

Sometimes it might confuse you when you are planning to buy a good pair of scissors. Different kinds of terms such as ‘sharp edge convex blade’, ‘440C steel’ and so on, are added to the product description.

However, beware of false claims by cheap and fake scissor companies. They claim to have certain professional qualities in their hairdressing scissors. But these claims are misleading. Also, try to avoid generic online shopping platforms such as eBay, Wish, etc.

So, let’s find out the best hairdressing scissors for your home use.

Quick summary: Which is the best hairdressing scissor for home use?

A Canadian pair of home haircutting scissors

In this post, you get to know about the five best haircutting scissors you can use at home. These scissors are tested and reviewed by professionals. Depending on certain considerations, we selected the products. They are consumer satisfaction, reviews, reputation, and best value in terms of money.

Remember that you don’t have to spend more when buying a good pair of hairdressing scissors from a renowned brand. Having a nice pair of a scissor has certain benefits. They allow trimming at home with ease, lasts for many years, and saves you money and time.

Here are the top 5 home haircutting scissors.


1. Mina hairdressing scissors

Mina is a popular brand in the hairstyling industry. It produces good-quality scissors using hard stainless steel. They use good manufacturing techniques to produce a little cheaper steel compared to the premium ones.

As a result, they produce good pair of scissors that lasts for a very long time. These scissors are perfect for beginners, students, apprentices, and home use.

The Mina Umi variant is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairdressing scissors for home use purposes. This high-quality scissor even works fine for professionals at barbershops or salons.

The sharp cutting edge of the scissor allows you to undertake different kinds of trimming techniques in your home. It doesn’t matter how thick or coarse your hair might appear. Furthermore, the lightweight design and the comfortable handle makes it easy for you to trim hair without trouble.

The Mina Umi Hairdressing Scissor is recommended for everyone. If you are looking for a reliable pair of scissors from a reputed brand for use at home, this one is the best choice.

2. Jaguar Jay2 haircutting scissor

Jaguar hairdressing scissors are Germany-made. The manufacturer produces impressive variants of scissors for everyone. Be it for the students, beginners, professionals, or home use.

One of the most popular entry-level scissor is the Jaguar Jay2. Jaguar provides professional haircutting shear for different hairstyling techniques. Also, they come at an affordable price.

Some distinct features make the Jaguar Jay2 model stand out from the rest in its class. It provides a classic edge cutting blade, polished finish, and ergonomic offset handle. Jay2 is the perfect hairdressing tool for a variety of hairstyling techniques.

Jaguar allows you to experience German engineering to a great extent. This wonderful piece is perfect for use at home. Now, you can cut your hair and your family’s with these beautiful hairdressing scissors.

Jaguar Jay2 is highly recommended for use in the home to cut hair. Or, when you are preparing to become a barber.

3. Pre Style Relax Hairdressing Scissors by Jaguar

Another great hair cutting scissor from the famous brand Jaguar. As you know, Jaguar is a German-based manufacturer of hairdressing scissors. Therefore, their scissors are made with the finest materials to provide the best results.

Jaguar scissors are good for students, beginners, and professionals. Also, they work well for people who are using the tool at home. The Pre Style Relax variant has a slim design and satin finish compared to Jay2.

With micro-serrated cutting blades, it is perfect to trim hair for use at home. It stays sharper for many years. And, performs all kinds of hairdressing techniques with ease.

If you are looking for a light-weighted hairstyling scissor for use at home, the Jaguar Pre Style Relax is a perfect choice. The satin finish appeals to the eye.

4. Ichiro Rose Gold hairdressing scissors

Ichiro is a reputed barber shear manufacturer that produces different types of hairdressing scissors. Their haircutting scissors fulfill the needs of students, beginners, and professional barbers and hairstylists.

Also, they are perfect for anyone who likes to cut hair at home. The Ichiro Rose Gold variant is designed to suit the needs of home hairdressing and professional techniques. They are available at affordable prices, as well.

The ergonomic offset handle and lightweight design make the tool easy to hold when you are cutting the hair. The cutting edge of the blade makes the scissor easy to trim hair. You can perform slicing, layering, and point cut techniques to the hair.

The Ichiro Rose Gold is a great pair of hairstyling scissor if you want to apply a few different hairstyles on hair. The build quality makes the shear last for many years. The Ichiro Rose Gold hairdressing scissor is highly recommended for home use.

5. Mina Matte Black Hairdressing Scissors

Another high-quality hair cutting shear for you to use at home. Mina is a well-recognized brand producing hardened stainless steel hair cutting scissors. They produce cheaper steel scissors by using modern manufacturing techniques.

Mina produces amazing haircutting scissors for students, apprentices, beginners, and home use. The Mina Matte Black variant is quite popular because of the design. It has an all-around design capable of handling most hairstyling techniques at the salon or home.

The sharp blade edges make it easy to slice through hair when you are trimming someone’s hair. The allergy-neutral black color design appeals to the eye. However, the weight and width are a bit more compared to Jaguar Pre Style Relax and Mina Umi.

Overall, the Mina Matte Black hairdressing scissor is perfect for cutting and trimming hair. If you are looking for a wider blade, choose Mina Matte Black hair cutting shear for the best results.

What is a home hair scissor?

Hair scissors, otherwise known as salon scissors, barber shears, or hairdressing scissors are specific tools for cutting hair. They don’t damage your hair while cutting. The hair scissors are quite different from a regular scissor used at home.

The hair scissors are intended to cut your hair with precision and safety. The different types of hair scissors aforementioned have thin blade edges and ergonomic offset design. They slice through delicate hair without damaging the hair tips.

It is important to use a good-quality home hair scissor to prevent damaging your hair. Bad scissors damage your hair in many ways. You get split-ends and other kinds of hair damage. As a result, you have to consult a professional hairstylist to remove the damage.

What are the different types and choices for home hair scissors?

There are lots of hairdressing scissors you can use at home. Also, they have good ergonomics, sleek design, and so on. In short, they are specifically crafted for handling several haircutting techniques.

Depending on the support and feedback from professional hairdressers, we give our valued consumers the best home hairdressing scissors.

  • The perfect home haircutting scissors – These types of scissors have 5.5 or 6-inch sizes. They have a standard handle and a convex, bevel, or a flat edge cutting blade for a smooth haircut.

  • The barber home haircutting scissors – They have 6.5 or 7-inch sizes. The extra blade length helps you to cut larger sections of hair. These hair scissors can reach certain areas and trim bigger sections in a single attempt.

  • The ergonomic home haircutting scissors – These are the typical 6-inch scissor alongside an offset handle. It allows you to hold the hair scissor in a natural without hurting your fingers. Ergonomic hair scissors tend to release the pressure and keep your hand steady. It’s best for cutting someone’s hair at home.

There are lots of hair scissors available for your use. However, the aforementioned kinds cover the most haircutting techniques at home.

When it is about trimming hair, you can use a 5.5 or 6-inch scissor to get the best result. You can use the long blade 7-inch scissor for cutting hair with a comb. That’s because it gives you enough length to experiment with.

Inform us if we haven’t included your favorite home hairdressing scissor!

Useful tips to buy and use a home hairdressing scissor

We notice that a major portion of users who visit Japan Scissors to purchase home hairdressing scissors have a terrible experience with cheap scissors.

When there is damage to your hair, most likely it is because of the cheaper scissors. They cause significant damage to your delicate hair even when you are trimming small hair sections. You can find them at nearby retail stores or on large online shopping stores such as Wish, eBay, and Amazon.

So, what are the important aspects you need to consider before buying a good pair of home hairdressing scissors? Here are some important things to keep in mind before buying.

1. Quality never comes cheaper

Avoid buying beginner or home hairdressing scissors that are very cheap. They damage your hair. Moreover, they start to rust and break off within a few months.

2. Always search for reputed brands

It is very important before buying a great product. Websites or brands having a good reputation in hairdressing scissors have premium products. They have great models suitable for your home haircutting needs. They provide you with good service for many years.

3. Different variants of stainless steel

You can find the different quality of stainless steel while looking for a hairdressing scissor. The hardness of the HRC of the steel determines the grade level. A good home hairdressing scissor should have hardness from 45 to 60 HRC.

4. Power of simplicity

Remember that a hairdressing scissor with a simple design and blade is the best for using them at home. Spending more on the fancy handle is not worthwhile when you are using the tool at home. Moreover, simple scissors have good-quality material.

Apart from buying a great home hairdressing scissor, you need to take good care of it. Make sure that you clean them properly. Also, you can expect to sharpen them after a few years. It is important to clean the scissors and properly maintain them. That way, they would remain sharp and effective for the upcoming years.

How to find out the right home hair scissor for your specific needs

Before you start looking for the best pair of home hairdressing scissors online, you should know about the size. Learn how to use your hand to find out the perfect hairdressing scissor. Follow these steps to get the right size.

  • Take out your old pair of haircutting scissor or a ruler
  • Place the scissor or ruler on the palm of your left hand
  • Next, measure the full length of the scissor or ruler against your palm
  • Adjust the tip of the scissor blade or ruler towards the end of your mid finger
  • Now, measure the ruler or scissor blade against the mid finger

That way, you can get an idea about the right size for your scissor. Suppose, the ruler covers the mid finger and gives you the result of 2 inches. It means you need a scissor size of 5 inches. A 5-inch scissor means that the scissor blade would be around 2 or 3 inches in size. And, the scissor length along with the handle would be around 5 inches.

In conclusion: So, what are the topmost home haircutting scissors for adults and children?

There are certain aspects you need to consider before you choose and buy the best home hairdressing scissor. Some of them are as follows.

  • Try to buy a good pair of hairdressing scissors that won’t damage the hair
  • Look out for the quality of the scissors. That way, it can perform well for many years.
  • Hairdressing your hair or someone else’s hair at home without any kind of problems

There are no hard and fast rules for you to have the best home haircutting scissor for home use. Yet, it is easy to make a mistake and buy a substandard scissor. It is always good to buy home hair styling tools from reputed brands.

That way, you can have the best material and last for several years. Hence, buy a pair of home shears from Japan Scissors. And, keep up your spirit of hairstyling for the upcoming years.

Different types of hairdressing scissors may reach up to $2000 in Canada. Therefore, we decided to help you in your endeavor in finding the best home hair scissors.

Hair scissors for different kinds of hair styling techniques are quite affordable. And, you can even have them for under $150. The most popular choice among hairstyling experts, Mina itself falls under $100. It cuts hair like a pro and turns your living room into a salon.

Why are haircutting scissors so expensive? This is a very popular question that many users ask us. While there might be legitimate reasons for that, but some good scissors can cost you less.

Important features of the best home hairdressing scissors:

  • Deliver sheer performance
  • Offset handle for a comfortable grip
  • A price tag under $150
  • Bevel or convex edge cutting blade
  • Stainless steel construction to prevent rust
  • A minimum warranty of 1 year

Our recommended brands for hair cutting scissors for home use:

  • Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors
  • Mina Hairdressing Scissors
  • Ichiro Hairdressing Scissors

You can get the best hair styling shear from these brands at an affordable price tag. Also, it makes you cut hair like an expert!

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Jun Oh

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