Best 5 Left Handed Scissors

by Jun Oh April 03, 2023 5 min read

Best 5 Left Handed Scissors

If you are a left-handed hairdresser, you know how hard it is to work with right-handed scissors.

At the Japan Scissor Shop, we believe that your skill and talent should not get wasted because you are a left-handed person.

Moreover, using the wrong pair of hair scissors is uncomfortable and messes with your client’s haircut.

You deserve to have the right hair scissors and shears like the right-handed people have.

When shopping for hair scissors for lefties, you come across different products. And, most of them have altered their handles so that lefty people can grip them.

In reality, that doesn’t help. What’s important is the positioning of the scissor blades. Left-handed scissors should have a reverse blade connection and finger grips.

As you open the scissor, the blades should move in an upward direction on your left. As such, lefties can use their natural action while working with the blades.

They get precise cuts because the cutting is visible to them. Read on to find out more about the best left-handed hair scissors that suit your needs.

How left-handed scissors differ from right-handed ones?

As you know, the blade on the left-handed scissors stays on top. However, it is not possible to produce hair scissors, or likewise, that is suitable for both right and left-handed hairdressers.

Having a firm grip on the handle is very important. And, most people change the handle’s design so that left-handed people can use them.

But when it comes to hairdressing, the position of the blades is more important. That way, you can achieve a great haircut and highlight your skills.

Why Canadians need left-handed hair scissors

A picture of the different types of lefty scissors

Left-handed hairdressers do not get the best results by using right-handed hair scissors. The hair tends to bend between the scissors blades.

As such, they fail to achieve a precise, clean cut. However, when the thing is reversed, it helps to give a smooth haircut.

With reversed blades, you can view the cutting line with ease. Imagine the results, if the cutting line gets blocked by the scissor frequently.

Another reason why you should invest in the right tool is to free you from the discomfort while using them.

Using the right-handed scissors constantly results in the thumb and first knuckle injury. Moreover, the handles rub continuously and form blisters and callouses.

As a result, it reduces the ability of a hairdresser to perform.

Gone are the days where left-handed hairdressers have to adopt themselves when using right-handed hair scissors.

Now, there are lots of improvements in the hairstyling industry. From the length of scissor blades to shape and design, left-handed scissors are the best choice for lefties.

Left-handed hair scissors and barbers shears are similar to other hairdressing scissors. However, you should consider a few things when buying a new pair of left-handed scissors.

What you need to consider when buying left-handed hairdressing scissors

A picture of the different sizes of scissors

1. Hair scissor size

When you buy right-handed scissors, you come across sizes such as 5, 5.5, or 6 inches. The same thing happens when you buy lefty hair scissors.

In general, you find 5.25, 5.6, and 5.75-inch sizes. Now, you might think about what makes the difference in sizes between these two types. Lefty scissors have different sizes because of the difference in angles. Here are the most common lefty hair scissors for female hairdressers.

  • 5.25-inch scissors
  • 5.5-inch scissors
  • 5.75-inch scissors
  • 6-inch scissors

And, here are the most common scissor sizes for male hairdressers.

  • 5.75-inch scissors
  • 6.25-inch scissors
  • 6.5-inch scissors

However, all the sizes mentioned above are not standard for every person. And, chances are that you cannot work comfortably with these sizes. So, to find the right size of your lefty scissor, follow these easy steps.

Take a ruler or an old pair of hair scissors. Measure it against the length of your palm. Next, place the tip of the ruler or scissor on the end of your middle finger. Now measure them. In general, most men are comfortable with sizes 6 and 6.25 inches. Whereas, 5.5 and 5.75 inches are perfect for women lefty hairdressers.

2. Hair scissor handles

A good pair of lefty hair scissors should have nice handles. Also, they have to be ergonomic in design. As such, they give amazing haircuts without straining your joints and muscles.

Offset scissor handles

If you work for long hours, offset handles are a must-have. This kind of handle provides support by gripping your left hand. It gives you comfort while cutting. The offset hair scissors are best suited for safe and professional haircuts.

Classic scissor handles

This kind has a traditional style and is often called a symmetrical lefty handle. Also, you can find them in almost every salon. While they might not be ergonomic like the offset handles, they are comfortable to use. Moreover, they do not strain your muscles or joints.

Crane scissor handles

Another great scissor handle that is popular among lefty hairdressers and barbers because of the ergonomic design. It has a deep offset handle and provides a comfortable grip.

Top 5 best left-handed hairdressing scissors in Canada

Here, we have listed the five best hair scissors for lefties available at our online store. However, for a complete collection of hair scissors, visit us here.

1. Joewell LC

Joewell left handed hairdressing scissors

With a longer scissor blade, you get more power with its movement. The Joewell LC is a great masterpiece and you would love it. It is sharp and comfortable as well. Moreover, the swivel handle works great for lefties. Apart from that, you can use them on both dry and wet hair. They are available in 5.5 and 6-inch lengths.

2. Yasaka cutting shears

Left Handed Yasaka Hairdressing Scissors

Yasaka scissors are known for point cutting, slicing, and normal cutting. With a ratchet screw system, you can adjust its tension with ease. The ergonomic design puts your thumb and finger in a comfortable position. That way, you can cut for long hours without fatigue. It has a 5.5-inch length.

When it comes to point cutting, these lefty shears are the best. The convex clam-shaped edge is great for slicing. And, the offset handle gives you a comfortable grip.

3. Kamisori Black Diamond Texturizing shears

One of the popular scissors you can find in hair salons is Kamisori Black Diamond shears. The steel finish and offset handle design make this texturizing shear a great choice for point cutting, blunt, slice, and blending. Besides, this model has a high degree of sharpness, durability, and comfort.

4. Jaguar Pre Style Relax Left Hairdressing Shears

Jaguar German Left Handed Shears

Jaguar is a German brand, which is known for manufacturing high-quality scissors for the people who are in need of them.

Anyone who wants to buy professional scissors can take a look at these scissors. They are designed specifically for the left handers.

You will fall in love with the offset ergonomics that are designed for the left handers. Due to the lightweight design of these scissors, you can continue to use them as left handed shears for many hours.

Since the scissors are made from stainless chromium, you can continue to use them for many years with proper care.

5. Mina Jay Scissors Set

This lightweight scissor set consists of cutting and thinning scissors. Because of the high-quality steel, they are durable and sharp. The ergonomic design provides you a smooth grip.

The flat edge blade on the cutting scissors has a tension adjuster that gives you fluid cutting motions. On top of that, the thinning scissors have 30 V-shaped fine teeth. They are sharp and allow smooth texturizing movement.

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