The Top 10 Best Japan Scissors For Hairdressers & Barbers

by Jun Oh April 03, 2023 18 min read

The Top 10 Best Japan Scissors For Hairdressers & Barbers

Although Japanese Hairdressing, as well as Thinning scissors, are considered to be the most well-known and the best in America, how will it be possible to know which ones are the very best?

It is a fact that the popularity of Japanese shears is because of their unmatched craftsmanship and top-quality steel.

On most occasions, a simplistic and modest design is usually followed by these scissors, and they make use of sharp blades while dancing between Conventional and Offset opposing ergonomics.

In this post, we will talk about the best value, highest-rated, best-reviewed, and best apprentice Japanese haircutting scissors.

So, let us not waste time and dive right into the article!!

Quick Summary

Here, we have selected all these best ten hairdressing scissors from Japan as per the best customer ratings, reviews, most popular pairs, reputation, and history of the scissor manufacturer of America.

  1. Yasaka Offset Hairdressing Scissors
    • Manufactured in Japan along with a blade which is convex edged and known for precision cutting
    • 100% Hardened Hitachi Steel from Japan
    • Offset ergonomics for reducing fatigue
  2. Joewell SZ Shears for Hair Cutting
    • Sophisticated design
    • Convex edge top-quality blade
    • Warranty for lifetime
  3. Kamisori Sword Haircutting Shear for Professionals
    • 440c Japanese Steel
    • Unique 3D Blade which is convex edged and Ultra-Sharp
    • Offset ergonomics for reducing fatigue
  4. Juntetsu Offset Scissors for Hair Cutting
    • Top-quality VG10 Steel from Japan
    • Top-quality Tension Adjustor
    • Sharp Blade
    • Offset ergonomics for lessening fatigue
  5. Ichiro Offset Thinning & Cutting Scissors Set
    • 440C steel from Japan
    • V-shaped Thinning and Convex Edge
    • Offset ergonomics for reducing fatigue
  6. Ichiro Black Thinning & Cutting Scissors Set
    • 440C steel
    • Offset ergonomics for reducing fatigue
    • Slim design
  7. Mina Umi Scissor for Hair Cutting
    • Stainless steel
    • Offset ergonomics for reducing fatigue
    • Affordable price in terms of quality
  8. Juntetsu KS Shears for Hair Cutting
    • Powder polish finishing
    • 440C Steel
    • Blade which is convex edged
  9. Ichiro K10 Shears for Hair Cutting
    • Premium Long Blade
    • Top-quality VG10 steel
    • Sharp convex edge blade from Japan
  10. Yasaka Barber Shears
    • Exclusive Japanese Design
    • Top-quality Barber Long Blade
    • ATS314 Cobalt Stainless Steel

3 Tips for Buying Hair Cutting Scissors

There are lots of choices available on the web, and therefore, it becomes quite tough to comprehend which scissor to go for. These barber scissors are manufactured in Japan, designs inspired from Japan, or make use of Japanese materials.

Here, we have mentioned a number of guidelines for purchasing hairdressing scissors which will be ideal for your style of cutting, ergonomics, plus all things between.

1. What size of scissor will be ideal for you?

Although everything is purchased by us online, it is quite tough to comprehend which particular size will be fitting best. It is possible for the majority of the experts to cut hair using any size; however, you nevertheless would like to obtain the one which fits the best.

Female hairdressers usually make use of:

  • 5-inches shears
  • 5.5-inches shears
  • 6-inches shears

Male barbers and hairdressers usually use:

  • 6-inches shears
  • 6.5-inches shears
  • 7-inches shears

In case the finger ring size is quite big, the finger inserts made of rubber can be used for getting the best fit.

Here, we have mentioned several steps for figuring out the proper size of scissor for you:

In case you have got a ruler or scissor at your residence, these steps can be followed by you for figuring out the proper scissor size.

In case you are in doubt, the shear size of 6 inches will be ideal for males and females.

Stick to these steps for finding the appropriate scissor size:

  1. Find a pair of haircutting scissors or a ruler.

  2. Place the scissors or the ruler on your palm after opening your hand.

  3. Place the ruler’s end or the scissor blade’s tip on the middle finger’s tip.

  4. Measure the ruler or blade against the middle finger of yours plus the full ruler or scissors against the hand.

Any size might be used by you so long as those are appropriate for hairdressing. 6-inches and 5.5-inches scissors enable you to do the majority of the hairdressing techniques.

A blade which is longer will be required by the conventional “over the comb” barbering methods. The most typical size for barber scissors will be 6.5 inches and 7 inches.

2. What are the various types of Japanese hair cutting scissors?

You will find a pair of Japanese scissors ideal for almost any occasion from barbers to salons, thick hair to thin hair.

Here, we have broken down the various types of haircutting scissors from Japan.

The short haircutting blades from Japan are suitable for all hairdressing situations and technique.

These will offer accuracy and precision while the hair is being cut.

Short blade scissors for haircutting are typically found on scissors whose size is between 4 inches and 5.5 inches.

These types of short scissors are going to fit effortlessly into the majority of the hands which are small and medium-sized.

Long Blade Shears from Japan

The long blade from Japan will be ideal for the majority of the barbering methods which includes the most typical Over the Comb technique.

The blades which are longer will be ideal for removing larger hair chunks. Even though these will be ideal for bigger hands, finger inserts can always be used for fitting into bigger finger rings.

Blades which are longer will be found in shears whose size is between 6.5 inches and 7.5 inches.

3. Hair Scissor handles

  • Classic Handle - These handles come with a flat level. The rings will be lined up with one another and there is minimum ergonomics.

  • Offset handle - This handle comes with an angle which is slightly offset. The ring at the bottom will not align with the ring at the top. Fantastic ergonomics.

  • Crane Handle - This is a straight blade. The ring at the bottom is angled in a downward direction. Best ergonomics for reducing tiredness while cutting.

Handles are amongst those aspects of hairdressing scissors which are most misunderstood.

The Japanese are aware of working hard during the entire day, and therefore, the best ergonomics have been created by them for barbers and hairdressers.

Offset Scissor Handles

The Offset as well as the semi-offset design is the most typical and in-demand haircutting scissor handle.

The offset scissors from Japan have been designed ergonomically for fitting easily in the hands even though you might be cutting hair without taking a rest.

The finger ring at the bottom is offset slightly from the ring at the top, thus helping it to appear lower.

The shape of our hands is not perfect; therefore, the handles ought to fit into the hands much more naturally.

The majority of the hairdressing scissors should use these.

Opposing Classic Scissor Handles

It has been a long time since the opposing classic handle design is being used and it comes with quite a few diehard followers.

Although these would be fitting into the hand properly, unfortunately, they will put a bit of strain on the wrist, shoulder, and elbow which might result in permanent damage in case it is not treated on time.

Hairdressers who are cutting hair for a short span of time should use these.

Crane Scissor Handles

These types of scissor handle from Japan are amongst the most ergonomically secure.

These are alike the Offset handle where the ring at the bottom pushes further away from the ring at the top.

This will fit into the hand more comfortably and also minimize strain on the wrist as well as shoulder during cutting.

The main objectives of these types of scissors will be to create a comfortable grip which should help to relax the muscles while the hair is being cut.

Anybody who is searching for scissors having fantastic ergonomics is suggested to use this.

Left-Handed Scissor Handles

Also referred to as “Lefty”, these types of scissors are similar to their name.

They come with ergonomic handle designs intended for left-handed barbers and hairdressers.

These types of scissor handles are essential for avoiding any permanent strain injury for barbers and hairdressers who are left-handed.


In case you are not certain regarding what sort of hairdressing scissors you should purchase, here we have mentioned the most typical bought types in the following paragraphs:

We have mentioned the ways of selecting scissors sizes, handle types, and Japanese scissor types.

In case you are not sure of which particular pair you should choose, below we have mentioned the most typical haircut shears intended for barbers and hairdressers.

  • Female barbers: 6 inches or 7 inches offset Long Blade shears
  • Female hairdressers: 5.5 inches or 6 inches offset haircutting scissors
  • Male barbers: 6.5 inches or 7 inches offset Barber shears
  • Male hairdressers: 6 inches offset hair cutting scissors

The 10 Best Hair Cutting Scissors

1. Yasaka Offset Shears for Hair Cutting

Top-quality Japanese hairdressing, as well as barber shears, is created by Yasaka Seiki for North America. However, for what reason are these most well-known Japanese scissors?

Blending affordability and premium quality. The majority of the Japanese hairdressing scissors are going to cost approximately $800 with brands such as Joewell and Mizutani costing as many as $2000.

The company is known to maintain its top-quality products and their prices are kept below $300-$400 consistently.

It is imperative to shell out only $200 for the haircutting shear mentioned here. It is undoubtedly the best Japanese hairdressing shear which is available in the US as well as North America.

The size of the Yasaka Shears is between 4.5 inches and 6 inches.

They make use of lightweight made in Japan VG10 Cobalt steel which provides the pair with a well-balanced and ergonomic feeling.

These shears make use of a convex Edge blade which is clam-shaped and has sharp as well as effortless cuts.


  • Convex Edge blade made in Japan
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Just $200
  • Top-quality Japanese steel


  • A sharpener which is convex edge trained will be required for preventing damage to the blade.


With the release of the unbelievably affordable Japanese scissors, the barber and hairdressing market has been disrupted significantly by Yasaka Shears. They make use of quality steel which is made in Japan, comfy ergonomics, and sharp blades. It is usually the number one Japanese shear on the market!

2. Joewell SZ Shear for Hair Cutting

This particular company is amongst the most notable manufacturers of scissors in Japan. They provide exceptional craftsmanship as well as design to barber and hairdressing shears.

Instead of employing conventional designs, they emphasize elegant simplicity even while getting rid of the tension screw on the scissor’s top portion.

This model mentioned here is the most sought-after Japanese scissors mainly because of its top-quality materials, simple design, plus inexpensive price which is below $300.

They provide tremendous confidence in all these shears by including a warranty for the lifetime on the products.

The product is available in sizes of 5.25 inches and 5.75 inches and also features an offset handle layout which is ergonomic as well.

In case you are searching for a hairdressing scissor from Japan having a sharp convex edge along with a warranty for the lifetime and an inexpensive rate, then Joewell SZ might be the ideal solution for you.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Convex Edge blade
  • Warranty for the lifetime


  • Makes use of steel which is slightly weaker as compared to the Yasaka products


These would be the ideal choice in case you’re looking for quality, design, and affordability from any Japanese scissor. Joewell SZ provides modern design as well as professional cutting blades which are ergonomic too. These can be considered the most popular entry-level scissors from Japan.

3. Kamisori Sword Barber Scissor

This one is a renowned Barber and hairdressing shear brand which is known to produce scissors within and also outside Japan with top-quality materials.

This shear is the flagship barber scissor for the company. It is easily the most well-known barbering shear made in Japan having an exclusive angled blade which will help in extremely sharp haircutting movements.

These shears make use of lightweight premium quality 440C steel as well as an offset handle for creating a comfortable and well-balanced feeling for the experts.

This model is appropriate for Over Comb techniques for haircutting. The simple design, offset ergonomics, as well as sharp blade which are convex edged help to make these extremely popular barbers shear from Japan in North America.


  • 440C Materials manufactured in Japan
  • Offset Ergonomics
  • Long and angled convex blade


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Available only in right-handed versions


Kamisori always stays ahead in the competition thanks to its top-quality craftsmanship and exclusive designs. The model comes with an exclusive 3D convex edge blade which is appropriate for barbering experts. In case you are not running short of money, then this will be the ideal barber shear made in Japan for you.

4. Juntetsu Scissors for Haircutting

Similar to Yasaka, Juntetsu is known to produce simple barber and hairdressing shears with top-quality materials. The company has succeeded in disrupting the scissor industry by producing premium quality VG10 and 440C scissors for the experts.

Whenever these scissors mentioned here are selected by you, you’ll be able to comprehend the difference.

Top-quality steel and silent gears will allow the experts to cut hair without any problem whatsoever.

It makes use of offset ergonomics which are of the Japanese style on the majority of the scissors for hairdressing.

The shears make use of a sharp blade which is convex edged and is more powerful because of the VG10 steel.


  • Top-quality VG10 steel
  • Offset ergonomics and lightweight
  • Best value
  • Sharpest blade which is convex edged


  • The design is quite modest and simple


This particular model mentioned here is the most inexpensive VG10 pair obtainable out there right now. It has replaced the “Bells and Whistles” which the majority of the scissors have along with sharp blades and top-quality materials. It is amazingly powerful and undoubtedly the pair with best value.

5. Ichiro Offset Thinning and Cutting Scissors Set

This particular product is the set with the best value for any apprentice or professional in the US.

These are manufactured from top-quality 440C materials from Japan which provide them with extra-sharp thinning and cutting edges.

They are also lightweight as well as robust because of the top-quality steel. Blended with offset handles, these Japanese scissors have been designed ergonomically for performing everyday tasks for the experts.

The tightness, as well as tension, is preserved by the exclusive ball bearing screw. On most occasions, these aren’t used because of their excessive price. They help to maintain tightness and won’t wear out similar to washers as well as scissor screws.

These thinning scissors employ sharp teeth which are v-shaped as well as a blade which is convex edged for quality cut-away while texturizing and thinning.

The convex Edge blade made in Japan is likewise used for sharp and effortless cuts on the cutting Japanese shears.

The Offset set for haircutting is the set with the best value which is sold out on most occasions and has got a strongly positive review in the US.


  • Scissors set with the best value
  • Offset design which is ergonomic
  • Sharp thinning and convex edge blade


  • Available only in right-handed versions


This one is the best quality as well as the most inexpensive thinning and haircutting set on this list. Top-quality blades, professional ergonomics, and quality ball bearing screws make this model the scissors set with the best value.

6. Ichiro Matte Black Set for Hair Cutting

This particular model comes with identical top-quality screws for ball bearing for maintaining remarkable tightness.

These have been coated more than 30 times with coating which is allergy-neutral for maintaining a strong and powerful color which will be safe while handling.

The texturizing and thinning shear makes use of teeth which are v-shaped along with a blade that is convex edged for approximately 20% cut-away.

The shear for haircutting features a blade which is convex edged for performing accurate cuts covering most of the hairdressing methods.

These scissors have become extremely robust, lightweight, and ideal for the experts thanks to the presence of the 440C steel from Japan.

In case you are trying to find Matte black scissors for haircutting which are quite affordable, then this model will not disappoint you.


  • Top-quality 440C steel
  • Sophisticated matte black layout
  • blade which is convex edged plus teeth which are V-shaped


  • The design is somewhat slim


This is the most well-known color barbering and hairdressing shear set from Ichiro. These come with top-quality 440C steel, blades which are convex-edged, top-performing screws for ball bearing which will provide consistent tightness, as well as offset ergonomics which will allow you to cut comfortably for a long period of time.

7. Mina Umi Shear for Hair Cutting

Although you will come across quite a few barbering and hairdressing shears on the market at an inexpensive rate, nothing will be able to beat the value provided by these scissors mentioned here.

This version makes use of top-quality lightweight stainless steel as well as offset ergonomics.

The sharp blade which is flat edged will enable you to cut right through the hair without any pulling or tugging whatsoever.

This particular product is the most inexpensive haircutting shears which will help to deliver the goods for professionals, apprentices, or even home hairdressing buffs.


  • Most inexpensive
  • Sharp blades which are convex edged
  • Professional design


  • As compared to VG10 or 440C, more sharpening is required for stainless steel


Mina Umi scissors for haircutting will be the pair with the best value below one $150. They come with professional ergonomics, a blade for cutting with remarkable edges, as well as stainless steel.

8. Juntetsu KS Shear for Hair Cutting

This brand is popular for manufacturing top-quality barber and hairdressing shears; however, you will not be able to understand that unless you use these.

Lightweight, sharp, and silent!

Juntetsu provides modern and conventional Japanese designs with this particular 440C shear for haircutting.

It makes use of top-quality 440C steel along with sharp blades which are convex edged.

Remarkable powder polish finishing helps to make these stay ahead in the competition.

These models are available in sizes of 6 inches, a blade which is convex edged, offset ergonomics, as well as a comprehensive maintenance set.


  • Top-quality 440C steel
  • Blade which is convex edged
  • Powder polish finishing


Even though the catalog of this particular brand when it comes to hairdressing scissors is rather small, every single piece has been manufactured with top-quality steel as well as master craftsmanship. Being more inexpensive as compared to the other brands from Japan, these consist of extremely sharp blades which are convex edged and this helps to make them amongst the most popular cutting shears of Japan Scissors.

9. Ichiro K10 Barbering Shear

We are aware of the fact that better quality VG10 steel will be amongst the most in-demand aspects when it comes to Barber scissors.

This model mentioned here makes use of top-quality VG10 steel from Japan which helps to make the blades quite sharp.

Being ergonomic and lightweight, this product will fit into the hand comfortably and will not put any strain on the wrist, shoulder, or elbow while cutting.

It will be possible to maintain the proper tightness without making use of any key thanks to the hand tension adjustor.

These shears are extremely popular because of their simplistic elegant design along with premium craftsmanship and materials.


  • Top-quality blades which are convex edged
  • VG10 steel from Japan
  • Offset ergonomics


  • Restricted to screw which is hand-adjustable


Ichiro produces top-quality VG10 and 440C scissors for barbers and hairdressers in Canada and the US. These are sharp, inexpensive, and top-quality! These are amongst the most inexpensive premium scissors on the market!

10. Yasaka Barber Shears

These shears make use of top-quality cobalt steel from Japan, simplistic designs along with exclusive engravings as well as from Nara in Japan.

It can easily be considered to be the most in-demand long blade which this company offers and this model comes with offset ergonomics, a flat screw, as well as a light and well-balanced layout.

The clam-shaped blade which is convex edged has been produced by hand in Nara. The traditional procedures of manufacturing are followed by them and they are still able to maintain a competitive price.

The quality of the product is astounding, and it will serve you for a long time.


  • Blade which is convex edged
  • Unique engravings
  • ATS314 cobalt steel


  • More costly as compared to the standard barbers shear mentioned right here


These top-quality barbering shears from Japan are quite affordable being less than $500 and the manufacturer has really excelled by producing this particular Barber scissor. The sharp long-blade which is convex edged, top-quality steel and unique engravings help to make this one of the best on the market.

5 Simple Tricks To Cutting Hair

You will come across plenty of different techniques for haircutting which will work properly with your brand-new shears. Below, we have mentioned some guidelines as well as tricks to cutting hair with a fresh pair of hairdressing scissors from Japan.

What will be required by you for starting to cut hair at the salon or at your residence:

  • Spray bottle for making the hair wet
  • A pair of haircutting scissors from Japan
  • Hair comb
  • A customer who is prepared for a fresh haircut

Let us start cutting hair without wasting any time!

1. Use water for lightly spraying the hair

You’ll come across things like dry haircutting scissors which will be able to cut dry hair effectively; however, most of the scissors, as well as haircutting methods, will need you to spray some water on the hair.

Avoid drenching or soaking the hair of your client!

Prior to starting cutting, the hair should be sprayed lightly as well as uniformly. Following this, start cutting using the scissors!

2. Begin to comb right through the hair

You might be required to get rid of any hair knot before starting cutting which will depend on the length and thickness of the hair.

After lightly spraying the hair using water, begin to go through the hair using fine and steady movements with the comb for getting rid of knots.

In case you run the comb right through your client’s hair, you will be able to cut his hair uniformly and it will also provide you with an idea of the overall length and thickness of the hair.

3. How should you hold the scissors

It is time for you to begin cutting hair! However, at first, it is imperative for you to ensure that you are properly holding your scissors.

Stick to the following steps for holding the scissors in the Western traditional grip manner:

1. At first, the ring finger has to be inserted via the small hole present in the scissors close to the tang.

2. Following this, your thumb has to be inserted into the bigger hole at the bottom of the scissor.

3. Rest the index and middle fingers along the blade’s handle’s top edge. It is vital for the index finger not to go past the screw at the middle.

4. Finally, relax the hand naturally and the shears should be opened and closed with the thumb. Take care not to compel the haircutting scissors to close and open using the ring finger or the pinky. Hair should be cut only by applying strength from the thumb for opening and closing the scissors.

You can hold the scissors in various ways although most of the time the barbers and hairdressers will be able to hold the shears using the conventional Western grip.

4. How hair should be cut

Begin to cut the hair which is present at the head’s sides for short hair, and then make your way around till all the sounds are cut.

A comb can also be used by you for cutting short hair effectively.

When it comes to long hair, it will be imperative to ensure that your client’s hair is properly combed, and following that, the hair has to be clipped into tidy sections.

Following this, you have to figure out the amount of hair that has to be taken off.

On most occasions, a quarter of the hair in length will be taken off by the hairdressers for customers having longer hair.

Remember to cut the hair’s ends for blending the hair altogether and adding some texture.

5. Assess, trim and make it perfect

The review as well as the trimming phase is the part of haircutting which is most overlooked at present.

In case you are cutting hair at your residence, bear in mind that it will be simpler to cut off one-quarter of the hair’s length; however, it will be extremely difficult to restyle plus modify the appearance.

It will be a sensible idea to hire your hairdresser for making any notable restyling plus hairstyle modifications.

Assess the hair as well as the length, balance, plus blend to see whether it is imperative to make some modifications.

It is suggested to request somebody else to take a look at your hair in case you are cutting your personal hair at your own residence!

6. Pruning hair bangs

Trimming the bangs might be one of the most intimidating parts of haircutting; however, you should not worry since you simply require some patience, a comb, as well as scissors.

Four trimming the bangs, the hair can be sprayed lightly such that it becomes wet without getting damp, and following that, comb the hair down such that it becomes straight.

After observing the hair’s straight angle, it will be possible to trim it accordingly.

The Difference between Scissors and Shears

Barber shears, hairdressing scissors, texturizing scissors, shears for hair thinning, and this list will go on!

You will come across so many various types of haircutting equipment on the market; however, how can you differentiate between shears and scissors?

There is not much difference between these two, and on most occasions, they are the same in all respects. Nevertheless, there exist some differences between barber scissors and hairdressing shears!

  • Hair scissors feature handles having finger holes of the same size. These holes of the scissors are symmetrical.

  • The size of the hair scissors is usually between 4 inches and 6 inches.

  • As compared to shears, hair scissors are not the same since they are intended for most of the hairdressing methods.

  • Hair shears come with a finger hole which is smaller for your index finger and a bigger hole for your thumb.

  • The barbering shears are usually between 6 inches and 7.5 inches.

  • Long blades are used by Barber shears which is ideal for the Over the Comb barbering techniques for haircutting.

Both shears and hairdressing scissors perform in an identical fashion in a barbershop or a salon.


After going through the top 10 Japanese Barber shears and hairdressing scissors, it is evident to us that there will not be any perfect pair for all types of jobs.

The Yasaka Offset scissors for hairdressing might be preferred by the hairdressers, while the barbers might prefer the Kamisori Sword long blade shear.

While looking for the most popular and effective Japanese scissors, it is imperative for you to think of what actually matters most while you make your purchase in the future.

  • The best value?
  • Affordability?
  • The unique design and style?

In any case, Japanese haircutting scissors are considered to be the most effective shears for hair cutting available in Canada and the US at present.

Make it a point to go for top-quality steel scissors from Japan since these are going to serve you for many years, and not months!

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